About Us

Welcome to Vivi & Grim, the home of Dark Glamour...

Vivi & Grim was founded in mid-2021 in the midst of a pandemic, because we like danger I guess. We are proudly based in Melbourne, Australia and our mission is to bring the most exciting alternative brands from around the world right to your doorstep. We are constantly growing and seeking out the best newness to help you celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. Most of all we love featuring small independent brands, because what's better than supporting fellow darklings to make amazing spooky things!

Everything you see within the (virtual) walls of Vivi & Grim has been carefully selected for you horrifyingly lovely creatures, so we would love to hear your feedback! What do you love, what don't you love, what do you desperately want more of? Let us know, we're here to make all your nightmares come true. 

Loving the darkness doesn't mean we can't love the planet too, this is so important to us and we are constantly striving to do better. Packaging is one major area where we can reduce our impact, which is why we are so excited to be launching with 100% compostable mailer bags from Sydney-based Hero Packaging. Please have a look at our Sustainability page for more details on how we're working to reduce our impact.  

Thankyou so much for your support, we hope you will feel at home here. We're so pleased that you have found us. 

Vivi & Grim xxx 


P.S We were kind of hoping you would ask who is in charge here, so just in case you were curious..

Some may call him Vladislav the Finnish Lapphund, but we know him as Employee of the month, Seer of Spirits, Undefeated Barking Champion and let's be honest, Heartbreaker. None of this would be possible without him. 🖤